Playing Catch-Up

Fine German beer, served by the third of a gallon.

It has been 10 months (roughly) since my last post to the blog. The end of last year, and the first 8 months of this year got unexpectedly hectic very fast, and I let things kinda slip in the process, this blog included. We had some big, big downs – bigger than we’ve had to deal with before – so the few moments of joy we squeezed in there were savored, and documenting them was an afterthought.

But last weekend, for the first time in a long time, things started to feel “normal” again.

  • We got to go camping for the first time this year. Usually we are out every other weekend, with our pop up tent and our air mattress, but this year we didn’t go at all until Labor Day. It was fantastic to get out, wake up when you felt like it, out in the wilderness. Take lots of pictures and eat lots of doughnuts. Just, completely let the string unwind. And we did.
  • Of course I indulged in my usual delight of chicken tenders, but between the last post and now, I’ve gotten really into buffalo wings. Not necessarily “hot” wings, but just a good, mild buffalo sauce is now almost as normal as ranch in my chicken condiment choice. But we also enjoyed some traditional camping food like s’mores and hot dogs, however. It was a very light weekend for foodstuffs, and more about relaxing. Lots of reading, and photo taking, and spending time with the family.
  • And this past weekend, we cleaned house the most deeply we have since probably last year. I treated myself to a Bissell Spotbot (basically a robot for cleaning up cat puke) and it’s greatly simplified the cat puke cleaning process, so kudos to Bissell for that.

Since last March, we’ve had to go to at least three (I may be losing count) funerals for people who we were super close to and who passed unexpectedly. And the amount of time and energy it takes to figure out how to operate as normally as you can, breaking through that constant fear that you’re going to get another horrible phone call, is not something you can easily account for. Hopefully the past two weekends have been a sign of things to come. We shall see.

But beyond that I’m making it part of my schedule to write more,  so I’m going to make it a goal to update here more often, at least twice a month. Hopefully more. And hopefully I’m back with more dumb crap to share, be it chicken tender reviews, or maybe I branch off into the wild world of grilled cheese. It’s a great, big world out there, and there are plenty of gadgets to play with and food to eat.

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