A Whine About the State of the iPod

My original iPod Color, ca. 2006 (Check out that killer Philmont belt)














Apple, I love you. I have for a mighty long time. Since roughly 1994, actually. My daily use computers are all Macintoshes, my phone, an iPhone, and my music player is an iPod. The same model of iPod I first got in 2005, an iPod Color. The battery has since been replaced, the hard drive, replaced with a larger capacity CF card. At one point I had an iPod Classic I enjoyed very much, which I sold to a friend who needed an iPod right around the time I got my first iPhone.

At which point I had to go back to a clickwheel iPod for two reasons.

One: Your touchscreens are wonderful — as perfect as a touchscreen interface gets — but the tactile feedback of that clickwheel is just otherworldly. It’s navigation made sense. It was straight forward and simple to use, and even moreso, it was a treat to use a clickwheel iPod.

Two: I know everyone is moving to streaming. I know you’re trying to sell people on Apple Music. But there are those of us curmudgeons that still buy CDs and rip them onto their computers (in Apple Lossless, natch). I want to carry the whole library with me, everywhere I go, in the quality I’ve ripped the files in. Instead I have to settle for picking a curated list of 50 albums (of all the first world problems) when five to seven years ago I could’ve loaded all my music, and nothing but my music, onto an iPod Classic.

I know capacity is improving in the iPod Touch/iPhone line. It’s much better than the 8 & 16 gigs of yesteryear. So my second point is becoming more and more moot every product cycle. I could fit my whole library on a 256GB iPhone and still have room for some apps and videos at this point (but I couldn’t plug my headphones in without a dongle so that’s a whole ‘nother heap of bull). But the usability of the clickwheel was so intuitive. Of all the product lines to cut, the iPod Classic was really not the one the world needed to lose.

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