What's All This About?

Three things, really:

Tech and Gadgets

As a fan of all things technological, electronical, and gadgetetical, sometimes I do stuff around the house or work with tech that I wanna talk about at greater length. Maybe you find that stuff interesting too.

Life and Family Happenings

On a constant quest for self improvement, it's fun to document the journey along the way. That sounds really pretentious. This gives me a longer format and more formatting flexibility than traditional social media does.


I consume like a good little capitalist is supposed to. Music, Movies, Video Games, Gadgets, Food, Places. Some things are absolutely fantastic, some things are terrible, and there's nothing I like more than running my mouth about how much I love something.

A Little About Myself

A Little About Myself

Born in the rolling smog of Detroit, MI in the spring of 1989, I've been a child for most of my life. Outside of the house, I spend most of my weekends camping. Inside of the house, I enjoy making music on all different instruments, taking photographs with my large assortment of middle of the road camera gear, playing video games of every vintage, watching the Drew Carey Show with my wife, petting my cats, tinkering with computers both new and old, cooking at a "slightly healthier than ramen noodles" level, and repairing VCRs as a pastime. And of course, I am always in search of the perfect grilled cheese.
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